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The stats: The original Fortnite teaser tweet garnered over 21,000 likes. Why does it work? Gamers are nothing if they are not loyal to their favorite trick games. By adding a community element and gamification, Epic was able to generate significant engagement through tweets about the event under its Fortnite and Houseparty accounts. by offering tangible, exclusive and limited-edition rewards. 11 Getty: The Getty Museum Challenge When: 2020 What to do: The Getty Museum houses thousands of works by the greatest artists of all time, including Rubens, Monet, Rembrandt and Cézanne. In 2020, the Los Angeles-based museum launched a challenge on Facebook and other social media platforms asking people to recreate famous works of art using only items from home. The numbers: The original tweet had over 10,000 retweets, nearly 3,500 quoted tweets and over 25,000 likes.

Users have submitted thousands of recreations

Including some recreating Renaissance art with lasagna and a vacuum cleaner instead of a harp. Why does it work? That was the start of the pandemic, people were bored and were looking for creative outlets. The Getty’s Challenge allows them to showcase their sense of humor while creating positive distractions. 12reggs: VeganSausageRoll When: 2019 Outline of events: Greggs is a British bakery chain loved by the British. In January, they launched El Salvador Mobile Number List new vegan sausage rolls with a video ad that cleverly mimics Apple’s. However, what makes an event memorable is not the ad itself, but the event. Controversial public figure Piers Morgan retweeted Greggs’ statement and expressed outrage over the existence of vegan sausage rolls. This has Brits both pro and anti veggie rolls in the social media battle of the year.

Greggs responded to Piers

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Morgan along with over 9,000 other users. They haven’t shied away from responding to sausage roll lovers and haters with witty remarks. As a result, the vegan sausage roll became one of the most popular Greggs products of the year. The numbers: According to Brandwatch, the Greggs veggie sausage roll conversation has more than 51.6 billion Bab Directory impressions on . The announcement tweet was retweeted more than 15,000 times. Greggs sales jumped 96% in the first seven weeks after launch. Why does it work? Although the campaign’s success was due in part to organic retweets rather than Greggs’ planned actions, it showed us once again the power of influencer marketing. Even a negative opinion expressed by an influencer can bring incredible attention to your brand.

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