It is also worth paying attention to the negative aspects

The brand bases its marketing activities on cooperation with famous people, for example actresses of the popular series and former Miss Polonia, Paulina Krupińska, who appears in advertising spots, presenting the products of the month. Minti Shop, on the other hand, puts emphasis on interesting and eye-catching graphics – the content of the posts also includes open questions that positively affect the number of comments. , such as: the lack of shortened and tagged links, or too many hashtags in the content of posts that limit organic reach. Pigment drugstore, like Rossmann, combined its sales activities with charity, offering an additional discount for honorary blood donors.

The brand also focuses on well-taken

Aesthetic graphics, which are of great importance in this field. The pigment definitely does it well. Tagged links to products, which are placed at the beginning of the post, work in favor. What catches my attention is too many product posts in relation to the engaging ones. If we look at the posts, most of them have very little or no comments, and Pakistan Email List you can see that there is potential in this target group. Contests work best on the profile of the Super-Pharm brand and they engage fans the most; the communication also includes videos that show how to use the given products. Most of the posts are sales, but you can also find gems such as surveys or open questions.

In my opinion the issue of the lowest

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Reach among the analyzed profiles may result from too low an advertising budget or from a group of recipients that is not entirely well-chosen. Instagram in the drugstore industry Instagram is a great place for this kind of business. Why? There is no shortage of influencers who are willing to test cosmetics or inform their recipients about Bab Directory current promotions. Once upon a time, Rossmann, when he was organizing the 2+1 free promotion, employed bloggers who described what cool cosmetics they bought in the promotion. Currently, the brand has developed a strategy based on introducing products recommended by customers.

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