It is enough to enter the website address in the appropriate

It is also possible to provide users with short surveys or requests for website evaluation. The tool will also be useful in testing changes on the website – if you are wondering if users can see your newly added button, it is worth to connect HJ and check the number of clicks in Google Analytics. In the free version you can create 3 separate heatmaps and make 100 recordings on one account  You can add Hot Jar to your website in two ways: using GTM, or by pasting a special code into the <head> section of the website. similarweb This free and easy-to-use tool allows you to determine the website’s position in the ranking, based on the amount of traffic . field to find out what position it achieves in the ranking, what are the proportions of traffic obtained from individual channels and the level of user involvement.

The lower the Traffic Rank the better

It means a high position in the website ranking. This tool is also useful when you run your own SEO efforts and are looking for high-powered partner sites. Similarweb is a marketing tool that tells us where our competitors get their links from Mongolia Business Email List and which keywords they get the most hits from . Thanks to it, you can examine traffic on competitor websites, demographic structure and the share of individual channels in traffic. Unfortunately, with a low traffic ceiling, the tool will not show any data.

What benefits will this marketing tool give you

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You will find out what is the ranking of your website against the competition in Poland and abroad, you will discover in which channels your competition is most active, what is the share of social media in the total traffic, from which domains the links leading to your website and to the websites of competitors come from, the most effective keywords. Both paid and those coming from the campaign. Every e-marketing manager should use Google Bab Directory marketing tools. Google Search Console One of the most important, free Google measurement services that will provide you with. Knowledge about the technical sphere of the website and will give you an image of its SEO condition. To use the service, you just need a Google account and access permissions to this site.

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