It should attract attention and remain in memory

Thanks to this, it will become a great image tool. Authenticity When a channel has over 100,000 subscribers, you can apply for name verification, which is especially valuable for business accounts. After passing it, a marker will appear next to the channel: There is no official information about the impact of obtaining the badge on the positioning strength and increased frequency of displaying the channel’s content in suggestions and recommendations. However, it is suspected that the YouTube algorithm may appreciate videos of verified channels in its search engine and more willingly recommend them to other recipients.

Links Sharing addresses to other business

Channels (e. social media addresses) affects further user acquisition. The “custom links” space is a great place to add addresses to your company page, Facebook and Instagram profile. Additional information Your Channel Info should show a basic description Uruguay Email List of your YouTube business profile and a mention of your business. This tab is also a good place to place links to your website. Specific subpages, profiles on social networks and others. It is worth using this place as an additional. Field for communication about running an online store.

The above optimization elements will

Email List

Positively affect the visibility of the channel in the YouTube search engine. However, it should be remembered that if you want to be successful and expand your audience, you should also reach them through individual, tailored to the needs, and thus in line with the searched topics. Content that responds to key phrases. Expanding Bab Directory the channel with graphics. Links and information about the business is the basis for building reach from organic search results. We also recommend taking care of the visibility of each of the added videos. This can be done by optimizing YouTube SEO according to the creators guide.

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