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Category: Health Here, direct entrances definitely rule – they are responsible for almost 60 percent. value of orders, with the percentage of the number of orders being less than half. Compared to last year, traffic from Allegro has noticeably increased in terms of orders – almost every fourth purchase is made through this channel. Interestingly, this does not have a large impact on the value of sales – still for only 6 percent. of spending on health-related accessories corresponds to shopping on the marketplace. Price comparison websites and social media are used to a small extent. Find out how we increased the organic traffic of one of the leaders of online pharmacies in Poland by 2051%. Combine knowledge about customer habits with general trends in the market The surveyed data from the Selly online store platform makes it easier to draw conclusions regarding further plans for the development of own stores.

In an online store both knowledge about

The habits of specific users and general industry trends are important. By combining both, you are able to increase your industry share. Online stores, regardless of the assortment, get a significant part of the traffic from direct inputs (from customers who know the brand), search engines and price comparison websites. This is a sign that can point you Benin Email List in the right direction if you feel that any of these channels may be underinvested. However, remember not to forget about other channels in the promotion of the store. If only because, seeing the data of stores in Selly, we perceive the importance of direct inputs. But how to make more of them? Carry out large-scale awareness activities.

Look at sales and marketing comprehensively

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The use of data from the report will certainly result in visible effects – Adrian Prędkiewicz from . Pagination of websites raises many questions – headed by “how to do it right”? After all, pagination is one of the more intricate technical problems to solve. The lack of clear guidelines from Google doesn’t help either. This technical SEO guide is Bab Directory designed to support the site owner and SEO professionals in the proper preparation and optimization of pagination pages. In this article you will learn: what is pagination? What is Google’s current approach to pagination? what are canonicalization and indexation? how to paginate pages? What is pagination? Pagination is the division of the content of one page into a series of related pages. Also known as paging.

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