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Processing this data from own tools requires analytical skills, and the implementation of solutions – creativity and interdisciplinary knowledge. ecommerce E-commerce manager in the form of Customer Success on the agency’s side Unfortunately, many companies forced by the pandemic to change their strategy and focus their communication on e-commerce conducted changes without preparation or plan. There was no time to develop the marketing manager’s competences, do courses, attend conferences and test new tools.. In adapting to dynamic changes, the support of Customer Success acting as an external e-commerce manager is appreciated.

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Expensive tools is able to analyze data, assess market circumstances and calculate the profitability of individual channels, tracking their results as part of a broader, cool view. Running an online business does not require living in a large agglomeration. Growing in strength, well-known online stores are often based in the provinces, where it Mexico Business Email List is difficult to recruit e-commerce managers. If remote work is an option, such a function can be successfully performed by an experienced partner on the agency’s side, who does not require additional training from you, because it is the agency’s responsibility.

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Knowledge and training will not be your concern in this case. But an undoubted advantage that shortens the adaptation time for this position. An additional advantage is the fact that Customer Success on the agency’s side is part of a Bab Directory wider team of industry specialists. who stimulate each other – share ideas, exchange knowledge and complement each other. No e-commerce specialist can replace SEO, Google/Facebook Ads or Marketing Automation specialist. But he will successfully coordinate work with a holistic approach to all projects for which he is responsible.

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