Lead generation indicators then show whether your campaign

Lead generation indicators – a great example in the context of content marketing will be the distribution of content through a newsletter. contributed to increasing the mailing base, i. to acquiring new subscribers. 3. Indicators showing the number of content recipients and their interests – this is certainly one of the most important information for you, which illustrates the effects of the content. The basic KPIs here include: the number of sessions, page views and unique users (UU). 4. Engagement indicators – the main parameters are: time spent on the site and the number of pages per session.

If your readers leave the page after

A few seconds, this should be a signal for you to improve the content, because it is not valuable to them or it needs to be verified in terms of UX. In addition to the time spent on the website, indicators such as bounce rate and percentage of exits will also be important to you .. These metrics will help you determine what percentage of people leave French Polynesia Email List the site immediately after entering the site and showing how many people ended their session on a particular tab and left the store page. In Google Analytics you will also check how many people go to the product page after reading the text. Remember that user engagement is not only focused on the store’s website.

It is also worth bearing in mind

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The statistics from social media and the distribution of content in the newsletter . More information on this can be found in the next part of the article. Screen – table from GA Indicators showing user engagement on the site. Source: Google Bab Directory Analytics 5. Retention rates – I mentioned earlier that one of the goals of content marketing is to build lasting. Positive relationships with customers. You can measure this goal with well-defined KPIs. An example is retention rates, showing the relationship between new and returning users.

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