Leaving this option enabled is a good choice

Click the More tab in the Business Suite Home tab and select Create Scroll. Alternatively, you can click one of several other create reel buttons located throughout the dashboard. Then click the Add Video button to upload a short video ranging from 3 to 60 seconds long. In the Reel Details section, write a short title and add optional hashtags or emoji. This is a great place to add a call to action if you want viewers to take some action after watching it (such as following your account or viewing a resource). Business Suite also lets you invite collaborators to participate in productions. Click Next to complete any last-minute edits. Business Suite’s editing tools are limited, but you can crop video or trim the beginning or end of footage. Click Next to configure publishing options. By default, Meta enables remixing for public reels.

 If you want other creators to repurpose

Your content. Make sure to disable this option if you don’t want to allow remixing. Then publish immediately, save the reel as a draft, or schedule it for future use. Saving it as a draft can help if you need colleagues to sign off before Kenya Mobile Number List publishing. Business Suite also lets you schedule content up to 75 days in advance, which helps with batch processing. 05 How to Add Royalty Free Music to a Reel Using Sound Collection If you need royalty free music for your reel, you’re in luck. Business Suite now supports Meta’s Sound Collection, which includes hundreds of licensed audio tracks. If you’ve already accessed Sound Collection through Creator Studio or the and mobile apps, the options will look similar.

Access these audio tracks in Business Suite

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Open the All Tools menu and select Sound Collection. Then browse genres or search for titles or creators. You can also choose mood, tempo and vocals to find the right track for your content. When you find a track you want to use, click the download arrow to save the file to your device. Because you can’t add audio to reels in Business Suite’s Bab Directory editing workflow, you need to add them separately. Your best bet is to upload your saved tracks to a third-party video creation app, then export the full reel. Note that Sound Collection tracks have been approved for use only on meta platforms such as and . Make sure you understand the Sound Collection terms before adding tracks to your content, and avoid cross-posting them to non-meta platforms.

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