Tips to improve your website’s loading speed

One of the most important factors for keeping users on your website is the loading speed of your pages . The website can be beautiful, wonderful. Have quality content, but if it takes too long to show the content. Many people abandon the website, especially new visitors. A classic example of this situation are websites made. Flash most people don’t have the Tips to improve your website’s loading speed patience to wait for the famous with. The percentage, right? Furthermore, loading speed is one of the ranking factors on Google, even in Webmaster. Tools there is an exclusive link that tells you the speed of your website compared to other websites and in Google Analytics there is an area to show the speed of your pages compared to other websites. interesting data such as bounce rate, exit rate and other interesting data.

Tips to optimize your website loading

Avoid unnecessary INCLUDES, whether in php, Javascripts, jQuery, CSS. This is a mistake that most developers make, normally the “index” page has all. The includes of the files used on the website. But not all of them will be used; Follow W3C standards as much as possible. Be kind to your browser. Enter the width and height of the images and don’t forget to close Greece Phone Number Data the tag Use browser cache. They have images, scripts that do not need to be loaded again every time the user accesses the website, using the cache you leave a copy of these files in the user’s browser. Avoid using .PHP SCRIPTS to resize photos. Always prefer to generate thumbnail. No need to force the photo to resize, besides being very ugly, it takes too long to load.

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Styling directly in the tag slows down

your code; Avoid separating into several files what you can have in one. Compress your CSS into a file, the same for Javascripts and others; Do not abuse redirects; Is your audience on all social networks? Most likely not. So don’t use too many icons as a sharing option, just use what’s necessary. Are you a developer and use PHP? Click this link and see the best Hong Kong Phone Number List practices to speed up your code. And as a final tip, use the Firefox Plugin, Firebug , it has a dedicated tab to test your site’s speed and show errors. If you don’t want to install any plugin, there is a great tool from Google, Page Speed ​​Insights , just enter your website’s address and it will show you your website’s score from 0 to.

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