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All analyzes were carried out on the basis of our company website promo traffic The full potential of the industry For any domain, the key to developing a search campaign plan is to create a keyword list that is directly related to the nature of your business. The Google tool – Keyword Planner – comes with help , which is able to precisely determine the number of views, clicks or the average cost per click CPC. To use the tool, go to the “TOOLS”. Section in your ad account and select “Keyword Planner.

The Keyword Planner gives you two options

You can choose phrases based on the URL of your website or manually by entering individual keywords in the active fields. After clicking the “GET STARTED” button, you will get a long list of thematically related phrases. Verify it – choose the words or phrases that best correspond to the products / services in your store. . In the case of local Papua New Guinea Email List businesses, it is possible to narrow down targeting to a selected province or city. After selecting the best-matched phrases and going to the “keywords” tab, you will receive detailed campaign forecasts, including: CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click. Number of clicks and views or the total budget of the campaign.

Importantly you can choose

Email List

The preferred position where your ad should appear. The higher our position, the greater the chance of a user clicking. Estimated budget is the cost you have to pay to appear for each selected keyword in a specific position.  In the case of Bab Directory promotraffic pl. It would cost around 150,000 to appear in the first position for all related keywords. PLN in August this year. Depending on the month, the number of searches varies, which determines the adjustment of advertising budgets to industry trends. The Keyword Planner gives you the opportunity to check seasonality. You can find this information in the “HISTORICAL DATA” tab.

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