Marketing is supposed to cause business development

Which advertising campaign impressed you the most and why? I appreciate campaigns that, in addition to an above-average creative layer, are simply effective. That is why I would like to highlight the campaign for the Showmax brand. and without proper execution this effect will not be achieved, and here everything was buttoned up. The campaign had a strong impact on the market, and additionally caused a brilliant launch of the product. We like such activities the most! What disappointed you the most in 2017 and why? The level of customer service among IT solution providers is disappointing – it is an element that constantly appears during our conversations with clients from the e-commerce industry.

It’s quite sad but we live in a time

Where customer service is more of a challenge than technology. Working with many representatives of e-shops, we see how many challenges are generated by cooperation with suppliers of IT solutions on a daily basis. This opens the way for SaaS solutions and small suppliers that guarantee timeliness and reliability in the performance of entrusted Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List activities, and at the same time show flexibility, which is so hard to find on a market characterized by a deficit of specialists dealing with programming. Another disappointment (but also an opportunity for the coming year) is big data – a concept so popular, what is inaccessible to most – usually remains a toy for the greatest. In this field, there is still a lack of education and solutions that would give the tool to the masses, increasing business opportunities also for smaller players.

What was the biggest novelty for you

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In 2017 and why? The biggest news for me are: GDPR, VR, communication bots, significant development of machine learning. To mention a long time, our environment is changing dynamically, so there are a lot of novelties – some of them are concepts to which we have become accustomed, some are completely new, be it in the field of Bab Directory technology, law or communication. The most important for me, however, are the novelties that we can already offer to our clients, observing how their implementation increases the effectiveness of campaigns. One such example is the acquisition of new customers by creating contextual online. Advertisements based on consumer behavior in the real world.

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