Marketplace Allegro An online sales platform

Where products are offered by many sellers at the same time. At first, it was operated mainly by individual sellers, over time they were joined by professional e-shops, encouraged by the large range of the service. Marketplace works with them to open its own branded “stand” and integrate sales management with its own system so that orders placed this way go directly to the store’s delivery department. Quantitative analysis, data comes from 82 online stores built on the Selly platform; relate to the first half of 2021, which were compared with the first half of 2020. Category: Home and garden percentage of orders in the home garden industry In the Home and Garden industry.

The direct channel is definitely dominant

This year it is responsible for almost half of the value of purchases made in e-shops – so online shopping is most often done by people attached to a specific brand. This is where almost half of the amounts of all orders come from. The second most popular Belarus Email List way of doing e-shopping is using a search engine. Both channels recorded a slight increase compared to last year. On the other hand, the popularity of Allegro fell by several percent. Find out how Miloo Home achieved a 367% increase in SEO revenue Category: Kids comparison of periods – graph of values In the case of stores offering children’s products, every third purchase comes from a search engine. This is slightly lower than a year ago.

In turn 26 percent transactions are direct entries

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However, it is they who have more than 5 percent. share in terms of purchase value than search engine sales. Compared to the previous year, there was a significant (approx. 15%) increase in the importance of Allegro as a sales channel for stores from the children’s industry. With simultaneous decreases in the share of traffic from search engines and Bab Directory direct. Discover the winning case study of cooperation between Promo traffic and. The Ekom aluch store Category: FMCG + ZOO Online buyers of necessities groceries. Which are usually purchased in the nearest store. Use price comparison websites to the greatest extent.  They are responsible for 40 percent of all purchases.

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