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Also, make sure that the process of signing the contract does not block you from acting in a situation where cooperation with the previous SEO/SEM agency ends. 4. Transfer “access” securely Make sure that you provide the SEO/SEM agency with account access data as soon as possible after signing the contract, in particular: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, or others, if required by the specification of activities specified in the contract. Immediately grant access at the appropriate permission levels so that specialists can take over existing activities and start optimization work. If you are not sure how to grant access at the appropriate level – the agency will certainly instruct you and help you.

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Agency does not cause a break in your campaigns. Every day of delay means potential losses in terms of website positioning, visibility and, consequently, also revenues. Attention! Always provide passwords and logins in a secure way (e. in an Morocco Email List encrypted file). The Agency has an obligation to ensure the security of this data, but it is up to you whether it is transferred in a secure manner. 5. . Find out who you will contact when working with an SEO/SEM agency.

It is worth getting to know not only

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The account manager (account manager, etc.), but also other employees – specialists who will take care of the results of your website, create content or campaigns for you. Make sure that the domain of your store is handled by SEO/SEM specialists delegated to this project. Be sure that they keep their finger on the pulse and know the established Bab Directory strategy. You have the right to ask them questions if you have any questions. An experienced SEO specialist will surely give you a satisfactory answer. 6. Define responsibilities among your team Just like an agency, you also need to determine who in your team will contact specialists on the other side. In particular: who is responsible for what and what level of decision-making they have.

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