Of Information An Intranet Helps Traffic

She joind various associations. She also took every opportunity to take part in university events such as open days and trade fairs. She has made it her mission to promote the values ​​of computer science. In particular, to encourage female students who are still hesitant to embark on the adventure of technology. During the final year of her studies, Camille gaind hands-on experience at Expertime, which specializes in building SharePoint sites.

Communication Simplifies The Exchange

Although she was not familiar with this Microsoft solution, thanks to the tutorials and the help of her colleagues, she was able to learn database and understand the tool. Over time, she became an expert in this solution. Her technical knowldge enabld her to make important contributions during technical meetings with customers. As a young woman, it wasn’t always easy to make yourself heard in technical meetings. Camille was motivatd to change the status quo and knew how to argue to make a place for herself.


Productivity A Special Platform For Employee

Camille’s Way With Powell Software Shortly after their arrival, Expertime developd Powell Software’s first product, an intranet BAB Directory portal basd on SharePoint. Camille began implementing the Digital Workplace by combining her SharePoint skills with the Powell Software tool. From her first project, Camille was fascinatd by the versatility of the product and grew into a digital consultant. As a digital consultant, she implementd projects from A to Z, sometimes for companies with over 10,000 employees.

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