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In addition to “conventional operations” such as discounts as low as 90% for fractures, free shipping, and discounts for a limited time, Lazada also makes full use of various overseas social media platforms to penetrate through multiple channels and impact consumers’ minds. In order to deliver promotional information to consumers as soon as possible, Lazada changed the avatars of its various social media into Double Twelve styles. information on the official website, but also makes full use of various gameplay methods, such as KOL live broadcasts, interactive topics and prizes, so that users can more directly participate in this shopping feast.

Lazada marketing posts On another platform

Lazada cooperates with various local KOLs in Southeast Asia to create a series of reviews and funny videos to jointly plant grass for consumers. Lazada Tiktok Home Page 03 Insta 360—Content Marketing Prepares for Christmas According to data from Adobe Analytics, the consumption of electronic products contributed the most to online sales Nigeria Mobile Number List during Black Friday. Online sales of electronic products in the United States soared by 221% compared with the average level in October. Game consoles, drones, cameras, and a series of products that people are reluctant to buy on a daily basis all ushered in the climax of consumption. During the year on Black Friday. The main battlefield of marketing.

In order to cater to the atmosphere

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The Christmas season, Insta360 replaced the banner of its homepage. With a snow and ice background, and the main cameras also wore cute Christmas hats. Each element conveys positive shopping emotions to users. insta 360 homepage banner. As a company dedicated to the production of panoramic cameras. Insta360 makes full use of its advantages Bab Directory and uses. Image content to fully display the charm of its products. Taking the camera into the sky and entering the sea. Santa Claus galloping on the track in a racing car, a series of creative videos on the one hand let. Users exclaim and be interesting, on the other hand. They also have a deeper understanding and trust in the performance of the camera.

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