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The largest number of shops using Selly software is bilingual (8.5%). Less popular among e-shops is the availability of three language versions (5.6%). Among the stores providing a language version other than Polish, the most popular is the English version. It is used by almost half of e-businesses (45%). Slightly less, because 28%, provide the store in the German version. Czech is in third place with a share of just over 7%. Other languages ​​are much less popular. chart: percentage of language versions An online store is a tool that allows you to go out with sales very widely.

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On other markets, it is good to communicate with foreign recipients in their native languages, remember about good customer service, availability of local payment models, delivery or certificates that build trust in the store – explains Great Britain Email List Mariusz Polowczuk, owner of Selly . The 4 most important areas that need to be taken care of when thinking about the expansion of e-commerce to foreign markets Even if a given e-commerce is doing well on the domestic market, it is not a guarantee of success on the international arena.

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You have to adapt to them when it comes to the selection of advertising formats, communication, targeting, offer. We help our clients in these difficult decisions and their implementation, leading to the scaling of sales in a profitable way – says Robert Stolarczyk, President of the Management Board of PromoTraffic . Good preparation for Bab Directory export allows for careful planning of all its stages, which significantly increases the company’s chances of success – he adds. 1. Market research and media selection One of the most important stages of foreign. Expansion is getting to know the target group and its shopping preferences. What constitutes a brand advantage in Poland will not necessarily prove attractive to a foreign consumer.

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