On this basis the algorithm decides whether

It checks whether the video is willingly watched to the end or – otherwise – how quickly the average user turns it off. it is worth recommending this recording to others. For this reason, the user’s attention focused on a given video for a long time is doubly important. Keep this in mind when planning your recordings and follow some basic tips and good practices to keep the user engaged while watching the video: for the first 30 seconds, the most important thing is to engage the user: a smile, playfulness and a professional approach will surely attract the attention of the recipient and positively set him.

A positive reception of the substantive part

Adding subtitles (also in English), because it will reach all interested users, especially in possible future films, if they focus, for example, on comparing specific ones with a unified name (YouTube is able to generate subtitles automatically with the option of modifying them); encouragement to subscribe, like, see other videos; adding an end screen Vanuatu Email List with the option to subscribe, like and propose another video – the longer the user uses the channel, the better the channel is evaluated by the algorithm Create playlists Organizing videos into playlists means that the user watching the video after the end of the recording will automatically start the next video.

This will result in additional impressions

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Appropriate video promotion When a new video is. Uploaded and optimized for SEO, it is worth taking care of its promotion, because the number of views. Likes and ratings translate into positions both on YouTube and in search engine results. It is worth promoting your video by: social media, mailing and newsletter. Placing the video/link to the Bab Directory video on the company website/blog. Placing the video also on other video platforms, YouTube is currently. The largest platform for publishing and watching video materials. Which enjoys great popularity, and the word “Youtuber” is increasingly. Recognized not only as an additional activity, but also as a creative profession.

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