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The vast majority of people who buy clothes are looking for bargains. They want quality clothing at an affordable price. Images that include a price can get people to buy faster. Let’s create a photo gallery or collages to show other color variants or more details. Reserved ad source: reserved/pl We will display the product on a light background, without unnecessary additions. Thus, we make the products come to the fore and all attention is focused on a given thing. Zara ad source: zara/pl When creating or commissioning product photos, remember one small thing that can significantly affect your advertising account: it’s about trademarks.

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Accessories of famous brands are added to it. However, you should be careful in such exposure, because the use of products for which we do not have a license in the photos may lead to the suspension of the campaign or, in the worst case, to an Uruguay Business Email List irreversible blocking of the account. Facebook does not recommend adding too many original accessories such as bags, belts, etc. Because booties are unable to detect whether a product is genuine or counterfeit anyway, and they can preemptively classify a given item as a non-original product. You can of course contact Facebook support.

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Usually unblocked, Instead of static graphics, let’s create a product video, which, when implemented for advertising activities, very often has a lower cpc than a regular photo. In addition, videos are more engaging than image or text ads. If we work with a graphic designer, we usually have all the creations prepared by him, but if we create Facebook Bab Directory or Instagram creations ourselves, it is worth using free tools . Some of them give us the opportunity to create photos in every dimension or GIFs that we can use as a video in Dark Posts or on a Fanpage. is Canva, where we do not need to have advanced graphic skills to create various creations for our recipients. source. Canva source: canva In the fashion industry, the formats that work best for Facebook ads are: single graphic. Merry-go-round, collection, the slideshow, video / gif.

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