Organization of work In addition to analytical tools

The key skill of an e-commerce manager is a holistic approach to business combining not only data from dozens of e-commerce marketing tools, but also from observing offline trends. , in the role of e-commerce manager, it is important to organize the work of project teams. Especially when working remotely, it is worth reaching for tools that will categorize, organize and separate individual tasks and limit the number of remote meetings. Trello There is a simple application in the form of a board with tasks, helpful in organizing work and distributing responsibilities in a team. Trello gives you the ability to create boards with tasks for people in small project teams, for simple projects. It will successfully work as an interactive organizer.

You can create a board with

A list of tasks, e.g. “to do”, “completed” in “in progress”, by moving tasks between lists to change their status. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to edit documents – to edit the attached file, you must download it to your disk. It is also not possible to divide the task into subtasks and assign individual people to them. All you need to start using Trello is quick registration. The 30-day trial period is free, and after that the tool costs about $10 a North Korea Business Email List month, so it’s not a big expense and will certainly help you organize your work. Asana For more advanced projects, Asana will be perfect. It is a system for managing complex projects in large teams . You can create tasks for each project, attach documents, assign people responsible for the task to them and specify the deadline for completing the task.

If the project is very complex

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It is possible to create subtasks for individual people with different dates, which additionally supports the workflow and motivates to work 🙂 People involved in the project can also add comments. A big convenience are e-mail reminders about the upcoming deadline and notifications about mentions that are received by those involved in the Bab Directory project. Undoubtedly, e-commerce is an industry where functioning without e-marketing tools is impossible. Analytical data, both from external tools and internal resources, should be the starting point when planning the marketing calendar and allocating budgets.

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