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In the future, thanks to the use of MUM, the search engine will become an expert who, thanks to a huge database of information and a better understanding of the context, will be able to give a comprehensive answer and determine, for example, what clothing will be appropriate for climbing in the fall and what exercises will help prepare for it. Characteristics of the Google Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Working in the Internet marketing industry, we should be used to the hype of technology that will revolutionize search results. But what sets the Multitask Unified Model apart from earlier algorithms? No language barriers The language barrier disappears, thanks to the fact that MUM is based on 75 different speeches – it not only understands them. But is also able to translate information from one language to another.

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Materials available, for example, only in Japanese, to answer the person entering the query in English. Use of various sources of information The multimodal character of the new technology is responsible for recognizing the content of web pages, texts, images, and in the future even audio and video. This is to make it possible for the user to ask a Rwanda Email List question by sending a photo or video to the search engine. Robots will also better understand the context and content of multimedia. Thanks to which they will be included as part of the response much more often.

Answering multi-threaded questions

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According to Google, some complex issues require up to 8 queries entered into the search engine. Currently, there is no single search result that is able to provide a comprehensive answer. However, thanks to the use of T5: the Text-To-Text technology used in previous algorithms. Multilingualism and the understanding of various forms of Bab Directory presenting information, this is to change. How will this affect search results and SEO? Multitask Unified Model w Google Search The giant from Silicon Valley declares that. It uses artificial intelligence in a responsible manner. And changes introduced in the search engine are assessed according to rigorous standards.

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