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Smart product campaigns – Attracting new customers One of the biggest novelties in Google Ads product campaigns in 2020 was certainly the introduction of the option to acquire new customers using Smart Product Campaigns. that the campaign was focused on. Now, thanks to the “Acquiring new customers” option, we can, in addition to increasing online sales, also adapt smart product campaigns to attract more new customers. This is possible by assigning additional value to the conversions made by new customers. Local Inventory Ads – Offline Sales Online and offline activities are intertwining more and more. Conversion paths that start online often end with an offline purchase, after the customer decides to view or try on the product in a stationary store before making a purchase. This also works the other way around.

After coming across an interesting offline product

The customer often searches for the product online to compare offers or check product reviews. That is why it is so important to smoothly transition the message between the offer in the stationary store and online advertising. The answer to the question of how to effectively advertise the assortment available offline to local buyers online is Local Cyprus Business Email List Inventory Ads – i. advertisements for a local assortment of products. They allow you to present products and information about the store to customers who are close to the brick-and-mortar store and use the Google search engine. Users immediately receive information that the product they are looking for is available in a nearby store.

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The screen image source: This solution allows you to measure the impact of online advertising and unpaid local product listings on sales volume and the number of customers in a brick-and-mortar store. Currently, ads are not yet available in Poland. Currently, Local Inventory Ads is available to sellers who have physical Bab Directory stores in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Germany, Norway, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. However, these ads will also appear in other countries. Local campaigns – Visits to a stationary store Another solution that focuses on combining online and offline activities are local campaigns.

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