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Importantly, cooperation with Ceneo does not involve signing a term contract or account fee. Settlements with Ceneo are based on the well-known and functioning in many marketing channels CPC (Cost Per Click) model, i. for clicking on the product and the user goes to your store or for clicking “Buy now” and buying directly on the Ceneo platform. The software created by Ceneo also allows you to bid on TOP items with other stores, regardless of the price. This is an important aspect because the data shows that 70% of users choose offers from the first 3 positions. Therefore, the system has no hidden costs and we only charge for the effect.

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Trusted Ceneo Opinions” and build your brand image. Get access to a solution that allows you to reach new customers and ensure the development of e-commerce! TOP3 visibility in Ceneo Screenshot from Ceneo: top 3 Optimizing the effectiveness Trinidad and Tobago Email List of actions on Ceneo As in any marketing and sales channel, when conducting activities on Ceneo, three areas should become the center of your activities: monitoring, analyzing, optimization. In price comparison websites, as the name suggests, we compete with other stores, e. price, so the sales strategy will be crucial to get effective results with Ceneo.

Why monitor the competition

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Monitoring competition prices is therefore an important part of the strategy – if the price deviation for a given group of products is high and the margin for these products is low – it is worth considering excluding these products from the Ceneo Bab Directory campaign so that they do not generate costs when the competition’s offer is more attractive. If we are able to approach product prices flexibly, we can also lower them to increase the attractiveness of the offer and the possibility of selling (this is one of the possible strategies), but for a longer distance, we do not recommend such a solution.

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