Reaching the recipient with content in a format

Increasing website traffic : this means, among others, increasing the number of users visiting the blog and then going to product pages; improving the quality of traffic in the context of time spent on the website. 2. Image activities : building the image of an expert, focusing users around the world of the brand, increasing its recognition. 3. Leads and sales : acquiring leads and then their maturation; converting leads into customers. 4. Building relationships with the customer : content well-tailored to the needs of the recipients, as a result, creates an opportunity to acquire loyal customers who, over time, will become brand ambassadors.

Regardless of the chosen goal regularity

Precise targeting of the needs of users at different stages of the sales funnel will be important . and form that suits them builds trust and increases the customer’s knowledge about the store’s offer. Content marketing KPIs – choose indicators French Guiana Email List adequate to your goals We already have marketing goals – it’s time to answer the question of how to choose indicators that will help us measure them properly. Of course, we are talking about KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ), i. performance indicators that make it possible to illustrate the relationship between the current state and the one we initially assumed.

Constant verification of KPIs allows

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You to effectively optimize campaigns and indicate which activities do not bring the expected results. Content marketing, like any activity carried out to achieve the brand’s business goals, also has its flagship KPIs. Below you will find the most Bab Directory popular of them: 1. Sales indicators – in the case of e-commerce, they will certainly be one of the most frequently taken into account. Sales indicators give you the opportunity to check whether your campaign has translated into an increase in the number of transactions and their value.

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