Remember that reaching specific groups of recipients

Segmentation should be based on contact activity in terms of e-mail openings, visits and purchases, thanks to which you can check customer engagement and adjust communication to each group. If the number of inactive or one-off contacts prevails in the database, you should focus on remarketing activities. With one campaign, you can reactivate about 3-5% of the base *. does not have to be through only one channel. Develop your marketing by using the possibilities of integration with other services, e. social media or Google Ads, and target ads accordingly. Keep your customer data up-to-date. Thanks to the data you build personas and based on them you should adjust your communication at a specific stage of the customer journey.

According to Neil Patel’s statistics

Phone numbers and 25-33% of e-mail addresses become outdated each year, so the marketing strategy should include activities that acquire up-to-date information about customers. Verification of the conversion of mass and automatic e-mails. Take Portugal Email List into account OR and CTR rates, as well as the number of unsubscribes from the mailing list using individual emails. Monitor changes to be able to react as soon as possible when conversions drop. Check the authorization of your domain, whether the spf and dkim entries have been configured correctly. You can do it using tools available on the web, e. mail-tester.

The number of bounces in emails

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Should not exceed 10% to maintain the reputation of the shipping domain * . Bulk emails can reach an average of 10% OR and over 1% CTR, Depending on the number of messages sent. The quality of the base and content in the emails. A decrease in OR and CTR indicators means that you need to change communication with customers. Verify the Bab Directory email template – the message should match the requirements of spam filters. Due to the amount of text and the weight of the message. Make sure you segment your audience based on their interests or activities and market based on that data.

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