Researching the market and the competitive environment

Systematic observation of competition Monitoring the competition and observing the market are key elements permanently inscribed in the work of an e-commerce manager. will allow you to react dynamically to changes that are often forced by the environment. For this purpose, it is necessary to monitor your industry. Are new competitors emerging, what is their USP, how do they communicate, what are their advantages and in what directions are current competitors developing. And in fact, the ideal situation is one in which your brand will be a precursor and a driver of change In the analysis of competition, tools such as Ahrefs, Senuto, Similarweb, Majestic turn out to be necessary.

In the case of market monitoring

Google Trends, Trade Watch, TGI, Brand 24 and many others will come in handy. Unfortunately, tools alone will not provide ready-made solutions. you need to know Taking care of user retention and increasing the consumer’s LTV google analytics The cost of customer acquisition is several times higher than its retention, so when you want to Jamaica Business Email List scale your business, you cannot underestimate the issue of customer retention. Striving for customer loyalty should be an indispensable element of the activities of an e-commerce manager who should be able to answer the following questions.

How long does the purchasing process

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The first contact? what was the customer’s shopping experience? to what extent do they recommend products, and if they don’t – how to encourage them? how much does it cost to acquire one customer and what is its value over time? when you can expect more purchases and thus estimate revenues from returning customers The answers lie Bab Directory in marketing data based on well-arranged metrics (e.g. profitability files), the correct configuration of Google Analytics (preferably with an extended e-commerce module), a well-configured automation system that collects data about users.

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