Scope of previous activities Information in this regard

They allow for much faster identification of problems and challenges for new specialists, correct valuation of their future activities and avoiding potential communication problems. 5. Main product category Another important factor influencing the shape of the future offer is the choice of the main product category. Many online stores have a group of products that, according to the Pareto principle, account for 20% of the entire assortment, but are responsible for as much as 80% of all revenues. Such information will allow you to intensify activities within this group of products – for example, to increase CPC rates in advertising campaigns or optimize category descriptions in the first place in the case of SEO.

Seasonality From the point of view of spreading

Budgets and intensifying advertising activities, another important piece of information for agencies is the seasonality of the industry. Such information will allow you to prepare an appropriate strategy, thanks to which the prevailing market trends will be used. 3 The marketing strategy – in addition to the correct assumptions – must also be Iran Email List implemented well in advance. This is perfectly visible on the example of the seasonality of such a phrase as “Christmas gift”, where the residual interest of users appears already at the end of August. Therefore, the time of receipt of the brief by the agency and the early start of advertising activities are also very important.

Target group The group of people

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Whom we want to reach with the advertising message is another factor influencing not only the shape of the offer made by the agency, but also potential future cooperation. Correct verification of personas is especially necessary when valuing activities at the higher level of the funnel. Its first two stages: interest and commitment. They are e.g. campaigns Bab Directory on Facebook. Ads and the Google advertising network (where the key factor affecting their effectiveness is the appearance of the creation) or creating a company blog . 8. Team competences. The last important factor that may affect the shape of the valuation is the competence of your current team.

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