She makes her listeners aware of the importance of marketing

When asked about the authority in the industry, she replies that it is the people she works with that inspire her the most. From PR Assistant to CEO & co-founder. As you can see, dreams come true. All you need is patience, work, ideas and support from your loved ones! Katarzyna Młynarczyk, CEO of Socjamania Anyone who has had the opportunity to get acquainted with Kasia’s speeches will certainly see in her a warm and full of life optimist who willingly shares her knowledge. Katarzyna is a real specialist in the field of Social Media, and her professionalism is manifested in every sentence spoken during a given training. In a more accurate analysis of the effectiveness of using online activities to acquire customers for traditional (offline) outlets. This will mainly benefit online stores that have stationary branches. But it can also be helpful for restaurants. Hotels, museums, car dealerships, service companies, etc.

That’s why she listens to it so well

Katarzyna manages the company Sokomania, which specializes in training and consulting in the field of internet marketing. For several years he has been dealing with the methodology of designing services and educating others in the field of design thinking. He inspires by sharing his knowledge. issues in a practical way, as evidenced by the positive Jordan Email List comments on the web about her speeches. “Kasia Młynarczyk is a competent, nice and very specific person. The sentence that perfectly closes the main idea of ​​this article are the words of the 16th Dalai Lama: “Judge your success by what you have given others to achieve it.” Nothing more nothing less. At the end of the year, the Store Visit Conversions service is to be available in Poland. This solution will generate a new report. In the Google Analytics system for anyone interested.

The LinkedIn training I attended gave

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A wealth of knowledge and opened up new opportunities for business contacts and service presentations. Kasia was able to shape and point in the right direction. I recommend training at Socjamania to everyone and I keep my Bab Directory fingers crossed that everyone will be as lucky as me and participate in classes conducted by Kasia.” Source: A few words at the end… Internet marketing is a very dynamic industry. If you want to be up to date with trends, and maybe even a step forward. It is worth following the actions of experts.

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