Spending in Google Ads accounts Another criterion

Advertising in Google Shopping – testing basic and advanced skills, such as creating a Merchant Center account and product feed, and creating product campaigns. is spending on Google Ads accounts that belong to the agency. Total ad spend must exceed $10,000 in the last 90 days. Thanks to this, Google is sure that it is working with an experienced agency that already has its client base. Company results Agency-owned Google Ads accounts are also evaluated for performance. The following aspects are analyzed: increase in customer revenue, customer retention, overall revenue growth, increase in the number of advertisers.

It is also required that the agency

Has spent at least 12 months on its account. Google Partner or Google Partner Premium? Similar requirements must be met at both certification levels, but for Google Partner Premium they are more stringent. Below are the main differences: Criteria Partner status Premium Partner status Certification One Google Ads certified employee. Two Nepal Email List Google Ads certified employees. Expenses Advertising expenditure of 40 thousand. PLN within 90 days on all managed accounts. Being aware of what your target audience is looking for online and when they are doing it will help you develop a content marketing strategy . Don’t ignore your surroundings If you are wondering what to write about on the blog, follow the actions of the competition (the Similarweb tool will help you determine it.

Reaching a higher spending threshold

Email List

On all managed accounts Benefits of having an agency in the Google Partner program Agencies with the Google Partner status can take advantage of many additional privileges, i. training, competitions, industry events or better technical Bab Directory support. training for specialists and agencies Periodically, Google organizes a number of trainings, thanks to which specialists are up to date with current trends and promotion opportunities in Google Ads. Recently, one of our specialists went to the Conversion Summit in Dublin. Where she was trained in methods of increasing website conversions.

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