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Second edition, second success. What’s next? The Krakow edition of Export Strategy, just like the first edition of the event, enjoyed great interest. Among the guests there were representatives of such companies as Onninen, Dr Green, 4F, Bielenda, Picodi and Batna. I really appreciate the initiative of Promo Traffic, which together with Google organizes Export Strategy events – says Łukasz Gwóźdź , Marketing and Analysis Director at Picodi. – This is a very good opportunity to learn about the processes and tools of companies expanding their activities to foreign markets.

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This type of expansion – apart from the marketing area, these are, for example, logistics, translations, law or customer service. The practical competence of the instructors allows you to learn about the activities from the inside. The added value India Email List is the opportunity to establish interesting business relationships among the invited guests and the friendly atmosphere of the meetings – he explains. of experiences and networking, and since there were many additional questions, we are already planning the next edition of the workshop.

This time we will bet on an even more extensive form

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More information coming soon! Find out more! Dissatisfaction with the services of an agency can be due to many things. A very common reason is the lack of proper understanding of the business and its market position by the agency already at the stage of the inquiry. In such a situation, a material is created that does not respond well enough Bab Directory to the problems and challenges of the store and becomes a “bone of contention” between specialists and the client in the later months of cooperation. To prevent such a situation, it is very important to provide a lot of detailed data that will affect the high personalization and quality of the offer.

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