The Temple of Debod what did you like the most

Madrid is a city that has emblematic monuments . One of them is the Temple of Debod on a peak west of Plaza España. To discover his secrets, read on. 0 comments WHAT Thursday, September 8, 2011 It is a place by many tourists. Ideal for taking photos, contemplating its beauty at dusk or spending an afternoon. The grass of Paseo del Pintor Rosales , which is near the sanctuary. But do you know its history? your temple Originally the temple was in a town that bore his name, in southern Egypt and on the banks of the Nile River . Its builder was the Nubian king Adijalamani of Meroe.

Have you ever visited this temple

Their cult was to the god Amun, the father of the gods. Later other divinities such as Isis, Hathor, Osiris among others  were. The sanctuary is about 2,200 years old. It is a gift from Egypt Buy Phone Number List to Spain in 1968 in gratitude for having. It along with other nations to save the Nubian temples that were in danger at that time. The temple, near the Parque del Oeste in Madrid in Valencia in 1970 and later in Madrid where its reconstruction began. Its restoration was an arduous task, lasting two years in total. Its inauguration in Madrid was on July 18, 1978 . It has several rooms.

What did you like the most

The central axis and is with motifs of the gods . In memory of the Nile River, a pond was along the pylons leading to the sanctuary . The temple has been  in controversies that of its degradation . The place has been to carry out summer film sessions, theatrical performances, and recording spots. In addition, the BAB Directory capital’s own pollution has taken its toll on the building. The Iberian Egyptology Congresses together with UNESCO. Have warned about this deterioration while the Madrid City Council has this alarm . And you? Have you ever this temple? Share your experience and ideas in this space by sending us a comment at the end of this article. Your opinion counts.

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