The above forms require considerable time and financial commitment

It is also worth considering the appropriate selection of models so that the target group can identify with them. In the beauty industry, we can present makeup tutorials with selected products during a live video, which are in the assortment of the online store. If our store has an assortment from several manufacturers, the concepts with interviews in which a representative of a given brand talks about their products work very well. Transmission duration. The duration of the broadcast should be adjusted to the program that we have prepared for our recipients. If we want to build relationships and commitment, we should not go below an hour.

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Obtaining good results that will translate into reach in a shorter time, but we must focus on highly engaging content, about which you will find a few words below. Proven formats that engage.. What to do when we don’t have them? Here we can bet on a much faster and less time-consuming solution, which are competitions organized during live Bolivia Business Email List broadcasts. So far, in our agency, we have tested two such formats with our clients. The first is the wheel of fortune, thanks to which we managed to collect a lot of reactions and comments under the live broadcast very quickly.

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The next letters of the password for a certain number of likes under the post. Facebook live – Wheel of Fortune The first person to guess the password in the comment goes on and takes part in the prize draw – usually it is a discount to an online store or Free Delivery. Live broadcast – Wheel of Fortune The second format that can be used during Bab Directory live broadcasts on. Facebook is a memory game, in which we hide 9 pairs of products under numbers. And the players’ task is to guess and enter in. The comment the numbers under which two of the same pictures are located. The winner receives the winning products with a discount or for. A symbolic amount to the order placed in the online store.

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