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We were also at a dozen or so national conferences, mostly inspirational, focused around UX, Mobile , SEO/SEM, analytics and social media. In my opinion, SMX and Web Summit, which we will definitely visit in 2018, deserve attention abroad. The next SMX will be in Munich in March. It is worth going to this event to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to world-class speakers from the SEO / SEM industry, the most inspiring case studies or new tools to improve work. When it comes to the Web Summit, there is no bigger and more condensed event in Europe considering the number of visitors, lectures or companies exhibiting their products and services. Noteworthy is the great organization, specific lectures, events, very good networking.

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Should be distinguished, which is worth visiting at least once a year to talk to friends from the industry, which is not always the time for in the daily rush, and to be inspired by campaigns. Great organization is definitely a plus of this event. Which advertising campaign impressed you the most and why? I really enjoyed Burger King’s “Google Home from the Whooper” campaign, which demonstrates the possibilities of creative campaigns using Germany Mobile Number List home voice assistants in a clever but slightly scary way. What disappointed you the most in 2017 and why? I was definitely disappointed by the lack of digital competences both in clients and agencies. There is also a shortage of specialists on the market – agencies and companies are fighting with international corporations for a graduate of a nice university, and the universities themselves are too slow to digitize their curricula.

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Bigger problem with recruiting good employees. What was the biggest novelty for you in 2017 and why? There were certainly some interesting news. I downplayed the value of Instagram when it comes to its e-commerce capabilities. It can be seen that it is a very important marketing channel, and today even a communication platform. Especially in the Bab Directory fashion and beauty industry. Or InstaStories are a novelty that work in the name of the rules characteristic of Generation Z, i. “too long didn’t read”. In a sense, a novelty is the rapidly growing role of chatbots and Messenger. Which in 2018 will certainly be another Facebook-owned marketplace.

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