The agreed terms of cooperation are reflected

In partner programs, as well as in descriptions, newsletters to publishers, online information leaflets, etc. Step 5 – Set up integration and deduplication Integration is the basis for conducting affiliate activities. Properly configured integration allows you to ensure stable transfer of the necessary data to the affiliate network, as well as the appropriate flow of information to the direct partner, i.e. the publisher. The constantly refreshing statistics of the program allow you to attract more publishers in the network and encourage them to start cooperation with the selected advertiser. Each network offers a list of available integration types, so advertisers can tailor the type of integration to their capabilities.

Popular types of integration include JavaScript code

API and others. Deduplication eliminates the possibility of paying twice for one transaction. Deduplication can be manual or automatic. Manual deduplication is usually combined with transaction validation, it takes place once a month based on Google Analytics. Affiliate marketing is a phenomenon that requires correct data. Therefore, proper Costa Rica Email List analytics in the affiliate directly translates into the implementation of the company’s goals. Step 6 – prepare advertising materials and discount codes Before launching an affiliate program in an affiliate network, you should also take care of preparing graphic creations, product feed or dedicated discount codes.

Graphic creations are useful in the case

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Content distribution by the publisher, which can take place via, for example, a blog or Facebook groups. By means of content distribution, a product or service is promoted, which allows to encourage potential customers to go to the advertiser’s website Bab Directory and make an online purchase. In the case of using graphic creations, an affiliate link with the appropriate UTM is always used, which ensures correct tracking. Affiliate programs are created on the basis of selected platforms. Therefore supplementing the program with the necessary materials can be done through. The intervention of the advertiser, agency or affiliate network.

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