The analysis of this data will allow us to determine

The very process of creating a strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of the market, competition, and the existing situation . It is worth using the previously mentioned tools such as: Supermetrics, NapoleonCat, SocialInsider or Google Analytics. One of the points that should be the most important for us are general profile data, such as: number of likes, engagement, number of comments and shares, as well as organic, paid and total reach. , among others: on which days it is worth publishing and which content was the most popular. Another thing to check is the share of the overall business that a given social media channel has. Thanks to this, we will find out which platforms our clients use.

This in turn will allow us to determine

In which channels we should communicate. After conducting the analysis, it is time to draw conclusions and start creating a strategy. Our experience shows us that when running social media campaigns for our clients, natural content turned out to be the most effective . For example, if you run a business in the furniture industry, bet on interior Latvia Business Email List design publications in which the products you offer were used. The next point is actually linking . Our experience shows that the most effective form is to put a link to the store or a specific product in the first line of the post. This is due to the fact that the content published on Facebook will be displayed differently on the desktop and differently when using the phone.

Make sure that the link is always visible

Email List

Your recipients! Also, don’t forget about the proper post format . As I mentioned in the previous part of the text, social media offers us a lot of opportunities to present content. You don’t always have to publish a classic photo post or link post. It’s worth betting on video or carousel posts. However, it is important that the whole thing harmonizes Bab Directory with the key visual of your business. Of course, all the steps we take must be analyzed . Regularly check which content is the most effective, which posts sell and which formats to focus on above all. It is equally important to monitor how your competition is doing and draw appropriate conclusions based on this.

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