The anchor text should describe the subpage to which the link

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. It is usually blue and underlined in browsers. Example: <a href=”:example”>Anchor text</a> While there is no specific limit to the length of the anchor text, it’s a good idea to keep the link text as concise as possible. leads as accurately as possible. Before adding an anchor, the author of the text should consider what phrase would encourage the user to click on the link. Unlike external linking, it is better to use an anchor in the form of a keyword for which you would like the page to appear high in organic search results. I recommend using different anchor texts: preferably those searched by users that can contribute to higher conversion on the page.

Using anchors such as click here

Will not give a greater impact on the effects due to the fact that you probably don’t want to show up for this phrase in organic search engine results. Place your anchor texts high on a given subpage. This helps to increase the user’s time on the site or reduce the bounce rate. “First link count” and topicality of internal links Remember about the “First British Indian Ocean Territory Business Email List link count” rule, which says that if we place a large number of links with identical or different keywords on a given subpage to one url address, only its first occurrence will be included in the rankings. In practice, this means that it is not worth internally linking the same URL multiple times from the same subpage.

Try to link internally from thematically

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Related blog articles or categories. Links of this type should give you a significant advantage over the competition, strengthen the value of the domain itself and encourage users to “sher” it. Use the 3-click rule and verify broken links This is not a rule that has to be a standard and there may be exceptions to it, but it is better to keep it in mind when Bab Directory preparing the structure of links on the page. The rule says that we should reach each subpage with a maximum of 3 clicks. Broken links are links leading to deleted, incorrect or inoperative subpages within the domain. If you have a website built on WordPress, you can use the Broken Link Checker plugin, which will verify the presence of such a link on a given subpage.

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