The appropriate value indicator

This will facilitate the sentiment filter. Thanks to which you can choose. Whether you want to see positive or negative entries – move the slider to and you’re done. Filtr influence score Influence score allows you to categorize mentions in. Terms of how influential their authors or the pages they were create on are. It is shape by a number of factors,how many people can potentially see. A given mention, or how many interactions it has collecte. This takes a value from 1 to 10. Thanks to the influence score filter, you can easily sort the results by the weight given to them using the slider. By choosing an influence score of 10, you will find the most influential authors. Thanks to this, you will find out who you should contact. Interaction filter

You can specify the number

This filter allows you to select mentions that have a certain number of selecte social meia events: shares, likes, comments. With this, you will easily find the Latest Mailing Database posts that have generate the most engagement on social meia, so you can deal with them first. of all interactions or, for example, only comments. Visit filter This filter allows you to filter results base on the number of visits per month to the websites where they were found. You can set whether it should be the number of visits: bigger than smaller than equal For example, you can specify more than 10,000 visits to find pages that are visite frequently, which may also mean that they are more influential.

Latest Mailing Database

Entries from a specific domain

Filter domain If you want to find or exclude BAB Directory or domains, you can filter by domain. Just enter its name and click “Search”. If you search for multiple domains at once, use quantifiers, just like you do for phrase searches: {AND} – and, {OR} – the, {NOT} – excludes the domain, For example, if you enter { NOT} Author filter The authors filter allows you to display or exclude entries by specific authors.

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