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In addition, thanks to the Google signals function, we can perform a detailed analysis of the dependencies of the same recipient on different devices. , Social Ads, Marketing Automation campaign will make it easier to track the profitability of advertising campaigns. Google Analytics will help you track changes in conversion rates and discover the reasons for them. Google Analytics scan How to improve the conversion rate value? Below are 15 tips – especially useful for the e-commerce industry – that are worth using in the first place to optimize your conversion rate. A refined product card – high-quality photos, description, product details, videos.

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A potential customer to have a complete set of information to make a purchase decision. Clictracing and session recordings in particular to analyze the behavior of real consumers and catch desired behavior and any anomalies. Verification of traffic acquisition channels – why some have a higher and others lower conversion rate, what activities are Iraq Business Email List carried out around them. How the conversion rate has changed over the months and compared to the increase in traffic from a given channel. Ramarketing and abandoned cart rescue campaigns. Are they configured correctly, are you using advanced Google Analytics remarketing lists, are Facebook Ads segmented by past and potential customers? Mail marketing in particular in terms of building loyalty and retaining potential customers throughout the sales funnel process.

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Especially at the stage of the product card and basket. Analyzes of recordings and clicktracking can be particularly helpful in this, which will clearly show how many elements on the product card are completely unnecessary. A/B testing should Bab Directory be the overriding rule for confirming or refuting any hypothesis related to the conversion of your store. Compare yourself to your competition before your potential customers do. Particularly important are the presentation of the offer, product prices. The structure of the product card and the communicated additional values.

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