The content editor made it possible to write content

Content editor is a place created for copywriters and content optimization. After entering the keyword, Surfer prepares a sheet for us, divided into two segments – space for writing an SEO article, and suggestions for the required number of characters and keywords that should be included in it. The tool tells us how many times a specific key phrase should be used so that the text is properly optimized for SEO. adapted to each keyword, and also indicates its thematic direction, which greatly facilitates the work of copywriters. Position Monitor Monitors are tools that allow SEO specialists to check the position of keywords in search results . Because Google personalizes search results, manually verifying them is virtually impossible, or at least very time-consuming.

The tools designed for this purpose

Their selection is really huge. Still, finding a free SEO tool that monitors positions for more than a few test key phrases is impossible. The most popular tools on the Polish market are: ASPS, Webposition, SEO Stats, Seo station and Senuto . On the Vatican City Business Email List other hand, among foreign proposals, it is worth paying attention to Wincher, SERPfox, AccuRanker or SPYserp . These tools differ primarily in price and additional functionalities that facilitate analysis. Some of them, like Wincher, have the option of taking keywords for which the domain is visible, while most of them unfortunately require you to enter them manually.

Monitoring the position in real time

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Allows you to quickly catch and eliminate errors related to the functioning and indexing of the website by the Google search engine. We can also use this SEO tool to check for keyword cannibalization You can find more about it in the article: Keyword cannibalization – how to find and neutralize it? Google Analytics Since we put so much effort into Bab Directory positioning and optimizing websites. It is worth knowing what results it translates into. It is best to check website traffic using the most reliable tool, i. Google Analytics, especially since it is another free tool. Reports in Google Analytics fall into 5 main categories: Real time, Recipients, sourcing, Behavior Conversions.

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