The default channel grouping in Google Analytics includes

The most frequently asked question by digital marketers is “how do users find a website and which sources convert?” The Google Analytics analytical system provided by an American company from Mountain View comes to the rescue. The data that helps answer this question is provided through sourcing reports. By looking inside Google Analytics, you can see how potential customers are moving to e-commerce. Google organizes your web traffic and presents it through channel groupings. Each user arrives at the site in a different way. Some enter the URL directly into the browser, others find it in organic search results, and still others come from paid display advertising. However, there is a problem with the default channel grouping that Google provides us with.

It is too broad and greatly simplifies

The channels from which users come. Standard channel groups The acquisition report based on channel grouping can be found in Google Analytics under the Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels tab . : • Organic Search – organic search results • Paid Search – traffic from paid campaigns • Direct – direct entries • Referral – referrals from other Yemen Business Email List websites • Email – traffic from newsletter campaigns • Social – users coming from social media • Display – referrals from the “display” medium • Other – traffic that does not match any of the above channels. The above groups of channels are populated based on the source and medium attached to each visit to the website.

The main disadvantage

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The default channel grouping The main disadvantage of the default channel grouping is that it is set the same for any type of website, whether it is a news portal, online store or marketplace. In this grouping of channels, traffic sources that come from different advertising systems are also not separated. For example, the grouping described above Bab Directory assigns traffic from Google Ads. Facebook Ads and Criteo to one Paid Search channel. Another example is traffic grouping in the Social channel. With such a grouping of channels, the analyzed sources are not very precise. To be able to correctly interpret the results achieved through different advertising systems or social media platforms.

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