The difference between One Day Max and Brand Premium

Its guaranteed reach is 860,000 views. Brand Premium : This ad is also a video that will be displayed in the “For You” tab. is that here we can narrow down our potential audience. By choosing the age, location or interests of users, we can target advertising to specific people. In addition, this format, like its predecessor, has a button that will redirect us to other Social Media or websites. In – Feed Ads / -Account : The ad format that appears between videos in the “For You” section. The only difference between them is the community overlay frame, i. icons such as: account avatar, likes, comments and share. The appearance of In – Feed Ads is just a description of the video and a bar with a button at the bottom.

The second format – with the community overlay

Requires an account in the application. So it is possible to share ads without having a TikTok account. Strategic approach Advertising activities on TikTok will very rarely be your main sales channel. It is worth treating this platform as an extension of all campaigns that your brand runs on the Internet. If you offer products that are aimed at “young people”, i. people from the 13-25 age group, I advise you to also think about advertising on TikTok. Thanks Rwanda Business Email List to this, we open another gate for the potential customer to get to know your brand. Such action is very important in the long term . Thanks to our presence on TikTok, we are able to educate a potential consumer. Make him get to know the brand from a different side and become a fan of it. Later, such customers will choose your products over those offered by competitors.

Thanks to the variety of formats and content

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You can meet many advertising goals and fall in love with hundreds of fans. There is nothing else but to take the phone in your hands and … start shooting! Sources: GetHero report: Who are Polish TikTok users? Edition II. Craig Chapple, TikTok Crosses 2 Billion Downloads After Best Quarter For Any App Ever [:sensortower/blog/tiktok-downloads-2-billion]. Today Bab Directory is the last post of our series. Questions about the recent past and the near future of social media were answered by Paulina Pytel, Team Leader in the Social Media department . Krzysztof Winiarski: Which Social Media platform gained the most in 2020 and which lost the most? Paulina Pytel : In my opinion, 2020 definitely belonged to Instagram.

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