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What does your network of contacts look like? Do you engage in relationship building and connect with nd and rd degree contacts ? LinkIn appreciates expanding the circle of your friends and whether it’s just add invitations or focusing on specific relationship building. Image containing text, screenshot Automatically generat description LinkIn suggests many excuses to make contact, such as job change, promotion, birthday. Use it, but give up the clich stanzas that are ready on the portal. Write a few words from yourself, it will be much better accept (both by the portal’s algorithm and will affect the relationship with the other person.

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Establish relationships with peoe from work, both current and previous companies. Invite and involve your business partners to the network as well. Don’t be afraid to write messages to others. Show off your skills and yourself. Just remember not to  spam others. Don’t blindly send an offer message. Look for peoe phone number list who are decision makers and establish relationships with them. LinkIn users are very eager to connect with others. Accepting an invitation is usually not a problem. However, if you do not want it to be an empty invitation, bet on writing why you want to connect with the person.

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Treat your Social Selling Index as a hint, but do not treat the results as the main indicator of building your position on LinkIn. Focus primarily on good ideas, try to stand out (but not at any cost, it is still a ace for business). If I were to point out the main  hints, it would be strategy and commitment. The results will come, but be patient . Building a position on LinkIn is a long-term process. It is not enough that you spend a few weeks on the portal BAB Directory and clients or job offers will appear by themselves. Building this position takes months or even years You have to give your best.

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