The heroes work in such a mode – and finally make it on time

Again – Apple focused on building a story that will be close to its recipients. Sitting down to work in your pajamas, parents screaming in the background when you have a videoconference, trying to cope with your responsibilities when the kids are not in school… These are things that office workers around the world have learned and thus it is easier for them to identify with the characters. – of course, it is possible to use Apple’s devices. Areas of Focus – Nikon. How to build a story with photos? Films are most often shown as successful examples of storytelling.

Storytelling marketing is not only

About video campaigns! Nikon (in cooperation with The Atlantics) is one of the brands that proves that there are many ways to tell stories. Joe McNally, a photographer who received the latest model of SLR camera in 2018: Nikon Z 7. With his new South Korea Business Email List equipment, he headed to Manhattan, spending a week exploring the city and taking photos. This week’s coverage was posted on The Atlantics website under the name Areas of Focus . Areas of Focus is no ordinary photo gallery. The skillful combination of photography and text made a story: an account of what Joe stumbled upon during his week with Nikon.

This is not your typical ad saying hey

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Our camera is great, it has such and such specs, and look at what great pictures it can take! It’s a story – in which there is a hero (or even two heroes. The photographer Joe and Les, a street artist. There are emotions, embedding the product in a broader context. In which the brand shows how their product can be used to capture unusual but fleeting Bab Directory moments. “Normally he’d charge you $1,000 for this photo, but today I’m giving you $999 off,” Les said to the photographer. This short quote, placed above the photos, introduces us to the hero of the story and introduces its atmosphere. Joe discusses the advantages of the camera.

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