The importance of brand positioning and strategy

Develop unique selling propositions The next stage in brand positioning involves the development of unique sales proposals depending on the features, goals, attributes, core values ​​and strengths of the brand, which will give our brand a unique and distinctive identity in the eyes of the client. 6) Formulate text messages The next step is to prepare communication for the need to proclaim the mission and vision of the brand. The brand slogan that comes with its official logo is also important. All messages to buyers should be clear, specific and original. Consistent with the company’s image and the inherent nature of the brand.

Market differentiation Unique and creative

Brand positioning not only allows us to do an analysis of information about our image in the market, but also gives the brand a differentiating factor compared to its direct and indirect competitors. 2) Justification of the pricing strategy Another Anguilla Email List benefit of brand positioning is that it helps company management justify their pricing strategy. If the valuation of the products offered by the brand is high due to the highest quality (for example, due to the features or origin of the product), and the brand positioning is formulated in such a way as to emphasize. The quality factor, then the price part is automatically justified in the customer’s mind.

The same applies to products that are of good quality

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Affordable, and brand positioning is properly planned and implemented. 3) Competitive advantage Positioning a strong brand means emphasizing basic values ​​and its strengths in communication. The image is also influenced by unique product Bab Directory sales proposals, which in turn brings good results in achieving goals, increasing market share. Customer loyalty, attracting new customers. 4) The brand is more creative. There are many brands on the market offering. Similar lines of products and services for the same target market and audience. But it is brand positioning that. Can make a given brand seem different and more unique than others.

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