The maximum rate for bidding products

Centeo has created solutions with which we can increase the profitability of activities carried out on Ceneo and shorten the time needed for their implementation. What are the most important functionalities and advantages regarding the use of the service? Creating campaigns for selected product groups Analyzing the profitability of products Automatic exclusion of unprofitable products from the promotion and exclusion from the auction of products that do not have enough competitive offers Automatically update your click rates based on data such as competitor prices, product profitability, and target ROAS.

What is campaign configuration

Optimization in Centeo? To start using Centeo, you need to prepare a product feed and properly configure a custom report in Google Analytics. With the help of Centeo support you will be able to easily and quickly create an account and start using the service. When all technical issues are configured, the tool allows you to start the campaign by Turkey Email List configuring the following parameters: The maximum deviation of the product’s price from the prices of competitors. Bidding products with fast delivery time. . The minimum price of the product. The minimum number of competitor bids for the same product. take a little (okay, a little more) time to make sure your campaign has the following ad groups: depending on the keywords depending on usability depending. On the product group depending on the audience you are targeting.

Determining the position in

Email List

The TOP 3 where we want to be displayed. Optionally, the system allows you to stop bidding on a product if we do not reach the minimum ROAS level. Centeo campaign configuration Monitoring the effectiveness of activities After proper configuration of the campaign. We start activities on Ceneo, using additional. Solutions that come from the Bab Directory service provided by Centeo. The first days of the campaign are a learning period, as with other advertising systems. Subsequent use of the service is based on monitoring the effects, optimizing campaign parameters and tracking competition.

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