The measure of the quality of the suggested domains

Another feature – “Backlink Gap” – works very similarly to Keyword Gap, but of course it deals with the analysis of backlinks that our domain lacks compared to the competition. is the AS (Authority Score), which is determined primarily on the basis of the number of links leading to this domain and the estimated organic traffic. In addition to competitor analysis, Semrush is very helpful in keyword analysis. The “Keyword Magic Tool” tab contains information on the average monthly number of searches by country and suggestions for: variations, questions and similar searches. Semrush also performs link analysis in the “Backlink audit” tab . We will find out from it how many new links have been acquired, lost and broken.

We can also check the list of anchors

Leading to our domain and we will be alerted about potentially threatening links. As with Ahrefs, SEMrush is also a paid tool. This is a minimum cost of $119 per month, with the smallest SEO package. If you are not sure whether it will be a good investment, you can first use the 7-day trial. Senuto Senuto is another tool to check the visibility Taiwan Business Email List of websites. Senuto’s four main features are: website visibility analysis – available for three countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia keyword database – up to 5 phrases at a time position monitoring SERP analysis The visibility analysis panel presents information on currently occupied positions, their changes, keyword cannibalization and competing pages.

In assessing the history of visibility

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The chart of positions for phrases in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50 is also helpful , to which we can add competitors for comparison.  The advantage of the base is also that it supports a long list of languages. The position monitor in Senuto, like any Bab Directory other. Allows you to check the position of keywords on the analyzed projects on a daily basis. In addition, we can monitor subpages to find out which ones have the best visibility. Compare positions and check the amount of extended results.

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