The metrics on the basis of which you will settle with the agency

This is the only way to avoid unnecessary communication noise and delays in project implementation. Once you have determined it internally, introduce your agency employees, indicate their competences and the scope of tasks for which they are responsible. Also determine the preferred forms and frequency of contact. 7. Take care of the workflow − develop transparent rules of cooperation with the SEO/SEM agency The agency will often need your approval for various activities and additional information, especially in the initial stage of cooperation. Make sure she receives them as soon as possible – without delays that could disrupt the work.

Set the rules and time for acceptance

Delivery of the necessary materials and information. Otherwise, you delay the actions of specialists and expose yourself to losses. 8. Decide what and how will be reported to you An important element of any cooperation with an SEO/SEM agency is reporting on the activities performed and their results. So determine the scope, form and frequency Mozambique Email List of reports. If you want to receive specific data in the report that are not standard – inform about it at the very beginning so that the agency can monitor it and include it in the report. Advice: Reports in Google Data Studio are a good solution.

This is a type of interactive reports

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Give you the opportunity to view the achievement of goals at any time (automatic data update). These reports collect data from the most important sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads or Senuto. This means that at any time you can verify the degree of campaign implementation or the position of key Bab Directory phrases in the TOP 10 search results. Positioning results or other parameters of the campaign are always at your fingertips. The report should be a document on the basis of which you will be able to determine whether what the SEO / SEM agency is doing gives satisfactory results and whether the activities are carried out correctly. Remember that success in cooperation with an SEO/SEM agency largely depends on you.

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