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The results of Super-Pharm Polska, which was the worst in this ranking, are very surprising. So let’s check the content they publish on their profiles – maybe there we will find the answer why it is so. The most engaging post formats The most engaging post formats – Drogeria Pigment The most engaging post formats – Super-Pharm The most engaging post formats – Minti Shop The most engaging post formats – Rossmann Polska From the charts above, it can be concluded that Rossmann cares the most about diversifying the formats of his posts.

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The brands reaches for video formats (which is not difficult in the beauty industry – simple tutorials, on how to do makeup) are enough, because these are content that always engage! Interestingly, on the Pigment drugstore profile, videos dominate over standard graphics – after analyzing them, you can see that they are not professional, but they Oman Email List probably fulfill their task of increasing the reach and give the opportunity to collect groups of recipients who watched the video. Number of published posts Number of publications on the. Rossmann brand profile Number of Minti Shop publications Number of publications – Super-Pharm Polska Number of publications. Drugstore Pigment All brands communicate regularly with their fans.

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The most publications, which, however, does not translate into the greatest involvement. What does this possibly mean? Well, it may be a signal that the content is not. Properly matched to the target group or the advertising budget is too small. On Bab Directory charity in his communication and it is obvious that this brings the desired results. Thanks to the introduction of loyalty cards. Customers could decide for which charity some of the points they collected would be donated. This action reached a very large reach and aroused great involvement. And was additionally supported by professionally prepared video materials.

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