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Each of them is a treasury of information about users coming to the site. For example, after going to the “Channels” tab, we can check what share of generated traffic is organic. from organic traffic are other metrics that help in assessing the COS of our activities. When you’re done analyzing the “channels” tab, don’t close the tool right away. Google Analytics, in the “mobile traffic” tab in the “Audiences” section , will also tell you how many users visiting the website use mobile devices, and how many use desktop or tablets. Perhaps this is where you will find data that will confirm your decision whether your website needs to be optimized for responsiveness on different devices.

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A fraction of the capabilities of this free tool. Sounds encouraging, right? Summary: SEO specialists need a wide range of information about websites to be able to work effectively and achieve high positions in search results. Manually obtaining information about the number of links, key phrases or page loading speed seems almost South Africa Business Email List impossible and fortunately we do not have to imagine it. We can use both paid and free SEO tools to streamline this work. However, even the best SEO tools cannot replace the experience and knowledge of an SEO expert. From the information obtained, conclusions should be drawn that will translate into an SEO strategy.

It is better to entrust this task

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Experienced specialists, so if you are just starting positioning. Your website and are wondering whether it is worth doing it yourself. Take into account things that tools will not provide. After all, the SEO tool itself is more important than who uses it. From the article you will learn: • What is channel grouping in Google Analytics. What is the difference Bab Directory between default channel grouping and custom channel grouping. How to prepare custom channel grouping in such. A way that they accurately represent the traffic you get on your website. In the work of a marketer, they are the basic element that allows for effective advertising activities. Starting with the preparation of the strategy and ending with the analysis of the achieved results.

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