The project is ready – who is doing the presentation?

Why are project managers trusted? Most managers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree related to management or business management. Universities and colleges teach students the basics of project management, methodologies and tools needed for effective management. However, it is clear that in the modern world, higher education is not always enough to become a top specialist. Therefore, the manager’s manager also masters certification programs from Google or, for example, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and others. But is this enough? Perhaps, but a good project manager is not only a theorist, but also a practitioner.

Diplomas and certificates Hence

In addition to university and certification programs, professionals join courses, trainings, conferences to develop the necessary skills. And of course you need to get your teeth into it. The reality of planning and implementing projects does not always coincide Buy Bulk SMS Service with theory. So experience in working with diverse projects is one of the most valuable advantages. Specialists who have gone through thick and thin have learned to use their mistakes for self-improvement – those that are hunted by marketing agencies and individual firms. Conclusions: why do you need a project manager? This specialist takes responsibility for the project and provides the following factors:

Cooperation with the client -

Confidence that the client has provided maximum information for the project and agreed on the work plan. Project preparation – competitor analysis, proposal preparation, etc. Each specialist performs work in a timely manner according to the drawn up BAB Directory technical specifications; analysis of results, corrections, reporting; receiving good feedback from the customer, and then new projects in the future. Therefore, a good project is a godsend. The success of a marketing agency depends on the ability to deliver on promises made to clients. The agency needs someone who pays attention to detail. Is able to coordinate the work of all key players, and also knows how to attract clients so that they return to your company again and again.

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