The requirements of the e-commerce market

Even the best e-marketing tools provide a certain piece of data that should be skilfully combined and interpreted. Working as an e-commerce manager, you will never be able to say that you know and use all available marketing tools, because it is an industry with amazing dynamics of change. will take care of your drive for knowledge and inquisitiveness in the search for new channels and tools Due to the constantly developing technology and the emergence of newer and newer devices on the market that allow the use of the Internet, the requirements of Internet users with regard to the websites they visit are increasing. It is therefore hardly surprising that Google, wanting to adapt to the needs of users using websites, focuses more and more attention on the usability of the website.

Although the search engine does


Directly reveal all the factors affecting the position of pages, based on observations and experience, it can be safely stated that for Google, user satisfaction has become the most important thing, and therefore it tries to meet the expectations in terms of matching the results obtained as accurately as possible. For this reason, user experience is Oman Business Email List one of the ranking factors that is growing surprisingly fast with each subsequent update of the Google algorithm. What is user experience? User experience, i. website usability, focuses on areas related to the direct experience of the visitor and mainly concerns functionality. Attractiveness and building positive impressions based on observing the behavior of website users.

A website usability audit comes

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In handy for verifying the website in terms of UX. Its purpose is to test the adaptation of the interface to the needs of visitors. The result of such an analysis is the collection of the most important rules and guidelines. The implementation of which will directly affect the user’s experience. On the subpages of a given website and. Increase its involvement Bab Directory and, as a result, lead to conversion. There are three basic types of website auditing for usability testing: checklist. A method consisting in verifying in the UX audit subsequent aspects from a previously prepared list. Which – according to assumptions (:userfocusok/resources/guidelinestml) – should be met by the website.

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